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Thank you for your interest in the United States Sprint Boat Association (USSBA) Racing Series.

As we welcome you to our sport, we'd like to make your experience "one-of-a-kind" as you photograph, video or report on our sport. Please note that when we refer to "photographers" that also includes videographers.

Yes, we do have some restrictions, but overall are pretty open to our media professionals and qualified semi-professionals. Everyone must sign the required liability waivers. Everyone must sign the track waivers. You will be issued a gorgeous, bright green vest when you arrive at the track. A definite fashion statement. VIP parking is also a bonus!

There is a $20.00 deposit required at each event. This deposit is to ensure the return of the media vest. Once you return the vest, your deposit will be returned to you. You must return the vest at the end of the race day. If you do not return the vest at the end of the race day, you will forfeit your deposit and it will be quite difficult to have you media application approved in the future. You can also list a credit card for a deposit. We do accept cash deposits, but carry no change, so BE PREPARED to issue a check, give your credit card number or deposit AT LEAST $20.00 cash when you attend an event. You WILL NOT be issued a vest and WILL NOT be able to shoot the event without a deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are a reporter, and not shooting photo or video, you will be issued the proper wrist band to ensure access to the pit area. All photographers and videographers are required to wear the media vest at all times to access the secured media areas.

If you do not apply for credentials before an event you will be required to buy a ticket and pay parking fees. DO NOT show up and expect to be credentialed. That isn't going to happen.

WHEN TO APPLY FOR CREDENTIALS: Please submit your credential application no later than 2 days before the event. You will receive an email confirming the status of your request.

LICENSING: There are currently no licensing fees charged to any photographers. NO ONSITE SALES of photos or videos will be allowed. The USSBA may request a copy of a photograph or video. This is a very rare occasion, but it may occur for any event. The photographer or videographer always retains full rights to their material. If the USSBA requests and uses any material, the owner will be given full credits. Note that photos and videos could possibly be used to investigate an accident. All credentialed media will comply and cooperate with such a request. No exceptions.

TRACK MEDIA: Media guests of the tracks are still required to secure credentials and make the necessary deposits to be able to shoot the event.

TEAM MEDIA: Shooting for a particular team? You too must also secure proper credentials to be able to shoot the race. Again, the number of vests are limited. There are no guarantees you will be issued a vest.

NOTE TO FREELANCERS: Credentials are for professional and semi-professional photographers. If you are a serious freelancer, we will consider your application on race day morning if, and only if, there are any media vests left to issue and you are carrying what we consider to be professional camera equipment. Please be sure to leave accurate contact information as the Media Director will more than likely be contacting you for more information. Our decision is final and non-contestable.

TRACK SAFETY MEETINGS: A safety meeting will be held at 9:00am each raceday morning. If you do not attend this meeting, you will will be sitting in the stands. We don't have time to wait for stragglers. Be professional. Show up on time. No exceptions (PERIOD)

  • Safety Meeting Locations: (NEW) - updated soon

Thank you!

USSBA Media Relations Director - Ron Domoe

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