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Introducing Sinister Racing Superboat #4 - Bill Sparling & Dalton Halden

By Nicole Brown


CORVALLIS, Montana (November 9, 2017) — Coming into week number two of our team profile series, I am thrilled to highlight this next team!

Here we have Bill Sparling and Dalton Halden of Sinister Racing #4 Superboat. I think I can speak for everyone when I say this is hands down one of the most beautiful boats in existence. This New Zealand built Mackraft has been completely designed by Bill himself. Bill has used his experience being a [now retired] machinist to handcraft everything in the boat from the pump to the steering wheel [minus hull] by himself in his garage. I’ve got to say, the guy has got mad skills and style. As far as power goes Bill didn't skimp on that front either, this beautiful boat is packing the power of his massive 606 cubic inch big block Donovan. <<Read More>>



Introducing Psycho Racing Superboat 151M - Kyle Patrick & Amanda Vestal

By Nicole Brown


ALBANY, Oregon (October 27, 2017) — I would like to introduce you to Kyle Patrick (Driver) and Amanda Vestal (Navigator) of Psycho Racing's Superboat 151M.

Kyle, an electrical contractor from Albany, Oregon and also owner and operator of Psycho Racing has been racing for 16 years now. He originally got his start in 2001 after running a whitewater jet boat in Riggins, Idaho. After hearing from a fellow racer about sprint boats and how crazy the people are who race them, Kyle’s curiosity lead him to Boatnik, a yearly boat exhibition that has been held in Grants Pass, Oregon for over 20 years. By the following season Kyle had purchased his first sprint boat and had his first race at the Woodland, Washington sprint boat track.  <<Read More>>



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