The 2013 USSBA Racing Series Silly Season - Part II

Rumor or fact? No one really knows...

By Jim DeFord

SEQUIM, Washington (November 3, 2012) — Rumors are smokin' hot for the Superboats. The first is a non-rumor with plans well underway for factory-backed Slipstream Racing to return to the series in 2013 in the Superboat class. The driver will be twice-time 400-class Champion and always a contender for a win in no matter what class or boat he runs, Dean Lautenschlager.

The hull will be the latest iteration from the Slipstream camp along with an unknown sized motor with a twin turbo. Turbos have been used with some success in OZ and NZ but this will be the first appearance of any type of turbo in the USSBA Racing Series. (SEE PHOTOS BELOW)

We also have a new hull-builder amongst us: Eric Werner recently purchased the "Marlon" jig and is building a new hull as we speak. He also has his Super-Mod motor up for sale (killer motor by the way) so one could read a lot into those factoids.

The National Meeting went well with a bucket-load of schtuff on The Agenda to discuss. Much of it was resolved and there are some engine rules and other thingies that the newly established Rules Committee will be handling. As usual there were no major rule changes. Just a few tweaks and clarifications.

Fans are probably curious about the racing schedule...

So far only Webb's Slough has committed to June 15, 2013 and August 24, 2013. Both the Tangent and Port Angeles tracks are working out the final details for their 2013 schedule.

Tim Cummings is also trying to work out some deals to move up to SuperBoat while still repairing the blown-up SuperMod motor that went south at the National Finals in September.

If all these deals pull through we could see upwards of 9-10 SuperBoats for 2013! Why the push for SuperBoats you might ask.

The World Series. The World's, as it is coined by the seasoned, is a short series from several countries to crown a World Champion. Both sides of the pond: US/NZ and OZ are working on a set of rules they can all live and operate by and have the World's here in the US possibly in 2014. There has not been a World Series race in the US since 2003.


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