USSBA Silly Season Part III

By Jim DeFord

SEQUIM, Washington (February 9, 2012) — The 2013 USSBA Racing Series season has been announced and confirmed with two dates set for each for the three tracks in St. John, Washington; Tangent, Oregon and Port Angeles, Washington. Make your plans now!

Webb’s Slough is set with its traditional dates in mid-June and late August. Extreme Sports Park is set with dates in August and the National Finals in September. Tangent is wavering between dates in June and July. The 2013 schedule is a duplicate of the 2012 schedule. If it ain't broke...!

North of the border, there’s a lot going on in Canada. Cory Johnson has everything up for sale. All championship level equipment. A SuperMod hull sans motor; the motor was sold to a new racer that bought Dan Morrison’s hull. And his complete SuperBoat is up for sale.

Word is Cory and Gary will be concentrating solely on the SuperBoat class in the near future. Not only because the SuperBoat class is looking to be the most competitive we have seen in many years, but also the very high possibility of the World Series appearing in the U.S. in 2014. The Fat Buddy teams are all busy Northwest beavers!

Fans might want to take note that the sanctioning body of the World Series is sanctioned by and run under the rules set forth by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). UIM to boating as the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is to motorsports.

Under the current USSBA Racing Series rules the only classes that would qualify to participate would be the 400 class and SuperBoats. This is why we are seeing such a shift of the boat numbers into the upper classes. The opportunity to run in the World Series is huge.

The Fat Buddy teams are all busy removing dents, sanding, painting and adding tweaks here and there. I saw one photo of an interesting addition to the deck right in front of the dash area. Looks like maybe someone might be trying out some aero tweaks to get the mass of air up and over the driver/navigator and engine area. Yes, even at 70-90mph, aerodynamics will make a difference.

Canadian fans might also note that Cory also builds his own hulls and has supplied a hull or two to others. At this writing I am not aware of what magic he and Gary have up their sleeves for hulls, pumps and motors (Oh My!), but one it will be is fast.

Rumors abound that yet another new SlipStream hull may make its way into the sport via Canada.

Dan Morrison also has a new hull for 2013 that I have personally seen and touched and it’s a sweetheart. I truly believe it was vibrating from anticipated speed just sitting there. Ed’s Automotive is working on Dan and Cara’s 2013 motor. It may or may not be a massive revision of the drag boat motor that they struggled with at the end of the 2012 season. Many options are being tested and considered. At the end of the day it will be hella fast.

The TNT Racing Team announced there will be only one Jeepers Creepers boat and only one team driving it. The team budget took a huge hit at the National Finals when the motor blew. It was not pretty as the block was tossed into the recycled metals bin. Currently it looks like Tim and Brian will be running in 2013 with 2009 champions Dillon and Teri sidelined and providing team support. That being said, watch this team in 2013 for a front runner for the Super Modified class and with Tim and Brian aiming for SuperBoats in 2014.

Wayne Brown has announced he will not be fielding an entry in 2013. His daughter and sometimes navigator, Nicole is said to be running an entry with Jana Horton as navigator. So far, the Jolly Girls team, obviously a spin-off of Jolly Rogers has not announced a hull, pump or motor. Or, that was the plan until Nichole moved to California.

And speaking of Jolly Rogers they are working diligently on their brand new Marlon hull they are hand crafting. Eric is pretty excited as this hull comes more together. Yes, he’s made some changes along the way so it will be fun to see how this new, 2013 Marlon will handle when he and Jana take to the track at Webb’s Slough on June 15, 2013 for the first race of the USSBA Racing Series 2013 season. Follow Jolly Rogers on their Facebook page.

A new Washington based team has emerged named Bandit Racing. At this point all we know is they will be racing on the 400 class. Photos of their motor on the dyno have been seen on their Facebook page.

There are a couple of Lucas Oil On The Edge episodes from Extreme Sports Park coming in the next few weeks on Speed Channel. We will announce here and on Facebook.

More news will be posted here on the USSBA website and linked to/from our Facebook page. Stay tuned…


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