White Pointer Stinger

80K New Zealand Dolllars
Reg Smith N/A
411.8 Cu/inch SB Chev
JE Pistons. Scat Q ultra lite rods4140 Eagle crank
Kelford Roller cam, alternate firing order, 1 8 7 2 6 5 4 3.
Roller rockers, Guide plates etc. Dart heads and matching manifold ported and flowed by Marsh Motorsport. Matching headers with merge collectors flowing into Adrelinin R mufflers
Quikfuel Technology Race carburetor, Scott 2 stage, 8.5 inch sprint unit. NEW!
Alloy 13ft White Pointer Stinger Hull, NEW!
Note: contact rdomoe@frontier.com and I will forward the entire email sent by Reg Smith. More pictures too!
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