Introducing Sinister Racing Superboat #4 - Bill Sparling & Dalton Halden

By Nicole Brown

CORVALLIS, Montana (November 9, 2017) — Coming into week number two of our team profile series, I am thrilled to highlight this next team!

Here we have Bill Sparling and Dalton Halden of Sinister Racing #4 Superboat. I think I can speak for everyone when I say this is hands down one of the most beautiful boats in existence. This New Zealand built Mackraft has been completely designed by Bill himself. Bill has used his experience being a [now retired] machinist to handcraft everything in the boat from the pump to the steering wheel [minus hull] by himself in his garage. I’ve got to say, the guy has got mad skills and style. As far as power goes Bill didn't skimp on that front either, this beautiful boat is packing the power of his massive 606 cubic inch big block Donovan.

Bill is no rookie to racing. Before stumbling upon the world of sprint boats, he has had past experience with drag cars and holds a Championship with drag boats as well. Needless to say he has a need for speed. In the off season you will find Bill riding one of his power packed modified snow mobiles up a mountain in his hometown in Montana.

That brings us to his navigator Dalton Halden. Dalton is a 20 year old CNA nursing school student. Don't let her cute face fool you, this girl is a full blown badass. She, like Bill, is also no rookie to racing. She's been behind the wheel of her very own late model stock car since she was about 9 years old. She's going into her second year with sprint boats and has picked it up like a pro.

Expect nothing less than great competition and a great show from this dynamic duo. You can check-in and follow their team page at the link posted below.



Introducing Psycho Racing Superboat 151M - Kyle Patrick & Amanda Vestal

By Nicole Brown

ALBANY, Oregon (October 27, 2017) — I would like to introduce you to Kyle Patrick (Driver) and Amanda Vestal (Navigator) of Psycho Racing's Superboat 151M.


Kyle, an electrical contractor from Albany, Oregon and also owner and operator of Psycho Racing has been racing for 16 years now. He originally got his start in 2001 after running a whitewater jet boat in Riggins, Idaho. After hearing from a fellow racer about sprint boats and how crazy the people are who race them, Kyle’s curiosity lead him to Boatnik, a yearly boat exhibition that has been held in Grants Pass, Oregon for over 20 years. By the following season Kyle had purchased his first sprint boat and had his first race at the Woodland, Washington sprint boat track.

Since then, Kyle has become a close friend to the award podium. He has held many titles so far in his career. In 2007 he was first in A400. Leading to 2008 getting first and winning the points championship for the year and in 2012 to 2013 still hanging on to both titles. This Spring he made the leap to superboats and won overall first place as well as the championship for the year.

Going into this next year Kyle and Amanda will be racing the beast of the 434 cubic inch twin turboed Motech motor in the superboat class. Along with competing in the USJSA series, these two are planning on making the trip down to compete with the best in the business, in the Jetsprint World Series held in Australia. Amanda and Kyle are both familiar to competing in World events, Kyle has been back and forth to New Zealand getting to compete in his boat in the most beautiful track in the world Baypark, New Zealand. Amanda was asked to Navigate for a New Zealand team that traveled to the States to compete in the 2014 Jetsprint World Series here in the United States.

Amanda, a welder and fabricator from Marsing, Idaho is going into her 12th season racing. Amanda does not only have a strong presence as a navigator, but back in 2006-2007 was the driver of the Vindictive #00 sprint boat which at the time was the only all female team in the United States. Amanda has done it all. She started out helping at the Marsing track with mowing the lawn, setting up sprinklers, selling tickets and working on the safety crew as an island hopper until she was old enough to get in a boat. She started out navigating in Lee Rice’s Screaming Eagle superboat and since has continued navigating for the best of the best in the association.

With Kyle and Amanda dominating the 2017 superboat class we are all eagerly awaiting to see what these two have in store for the 2018 season.

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